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Whipped Cream Donut Baby

Whipped Cream Donut Baby $60

Rice Ball Yokai

Rice Ball Yokai $115

Dango Yokai

Dango Yokai $210

Tillle Eye Ball Fashioned Donut

$65.00 Resin, silicone, doll eyes, wooden letter block, magic sculpt. Measures 4" tall

Three Eyes Ballerina

$155.00, silicone, doll eyes, wood, magic sculpt and metal rings. Measures 6" tall

Mushroom Cat

$490 Size 12inch tall Material resin, wood, hand made doll eyes, clay

Donut Bunny

Donut Bunny $95 Peter Kato and me collaboration pieces

Plush Toast chan

$25 Size 8inch Material cloth, doll eyes open edition Please send me email or messege♡

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